Owner Relations

Revolution Resources is committed to helping our interest owners resolve any questions they might have regarding our joint properties. Several frequently asked questions and answers have been provided in this section for your continued reference. If your question is not addressed, please contact us. To better assist you and answer your questions, please have all the necessary information that will help us with our research, including your owner number. Your owner number can be found on your check.


Owner Relations Phone: 405-534-5232 ext. 1

Owner Relations Email: ownerrelations@revolutionresources.com

1099 Inquiries: 1099@revolutionresources.com

This address should be used only for all Division Order correspondence and documentation:

6608 N. Western Ave #607

Oklahoma City, OK 73116


Frequently Asked Questions

I am missing check or it’s been delayed.

We’ve recently taken over the distribution of Revenue for most of our wells. If you previously received a check from Sunoco, Superior, etc. you will now receive a check from Revolution. This process takes a month or two to fully transfer from purchaser to operator.


How did Revolution acquire this interest?

The Northeast Verden Unit and the West Edmond Hunton Lime Units are now operated by Revolution Resources.   On Jan. 07, 2020, Revolution Resources II, LLC closed on it’s acquisition of Jones Energy II, Inc. (OTC: JEII)


Will I receive a Division Order?

Division orders were mailed for owners needing address verification or tax ID numbers for federal tax purposes.




Owner Changes Policy

Address Change Request

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